Hey Curlfriend, I’m Joy. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with hair, but it wasn’t until I stopped relaxing my hair that I really became picky about my products.

After growing out my relaxed hair to wear it naturally (THE 3RD TIME), I started watching YouTube tutorials and mixing diy creations in my kitchen. My focus became clean products, as close to nature as possible and I was obsessed with researching ingredients (especially those hard to pronounce ones!) for safety. 

Around this same time, I attended a foster care training and it was life changing for me. 

In my heart I wanted to help the foster community and the most practical way was to offer hair care lessons to foster parents, focusing on natural hair styling and finding best products to use.  For me, it took years to find a combination of products that I liked and those early days were pretty stressful. 

I thought the only solution to provide products to families was to purchase them, but I never felt like I was giving enough. When I realized this wasn’t working, I began researching all the ingredients I like and writing product names in my journal, not even sure how I would proceed.  

In May 2020, I took a leap of faith and decided to launch The Joy of Curls, as a  solution for all people with textured hair and a mission to partner with the foster community to gift products to kids.

My first major decision was to hire a cosmetic chemist who is personally familiar with textured hair. Together we’ve selected the best ingredients in nature to lengthen, strengthen and protect your tresses. 

I’m excited to share with you that our first community partner is Foster the Love Louisiana!

Your support allows me to give hair products to this organization, to uplift children during one of the most vulnerable transitions of their lives.

It's my commitment to you to use the purest ingredients to create multi-use products that enhance the hair that you were born with.  

I know you will love seeing what your hair can do.

Thanks so much for being here...welcome to the family!

Joy Nicole 

As a small family business, my hubby Malcolm and I mix Jojoba Honey Mint in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Each month a new batch is created and when it sells out, the next batch will be released the following month. This allows us to ensure quality while balancing life with the real boss, our toddler Kadir. If you would like to be notified when a new batch is available, join our email list so you’ll be in the know!

A Black-Owned Brand That Supports Black-Owned Businesses

We want to acknowledge and amplify our customer’s voices in all that we do.  For this reason, we’ve partnered with other black women owned businesses to enhance and support every aspect of building our brand. Our marketing team, creative director, chemist, and web designer are all innovative and talented black women. 

Our chemist was able to use personal knowledge of what works best in her own textured hair to formulate our ingredients, ensuring we have safe preservatives while mixing the best natural cocktails for your tresses.  

We are persnickety about the preservatives selected in our products because safety is of utmost importance to us. 

A Black Owned Brand with Black Owned Business Partners 

  1. Cosmetic Chemist - Cynthia Johnson @cindyjlabs
  2. Logo and Packaging Design - Creative Label @creative.label
  3. Brand Strategist - CD Creative Loft @candicedenise
  4. Web Designer - Jen Chaney @flintchaneyphotography
  5. Photographer - Flint Chaney @flintchaneyphotography