3 Rules for Thriving Hair!

3 Rules for Thriving Hair!

We all know hair is a beautiful expression of who we are…unless it isn’t! What if you don’t really love your hair? If you’re someone who thinks their curls are so-so and you have a love/hate relationship with them this one’s for you!

  1. CLEANSE AND CLARIFY! You heard right. Somewhere along the way we’ve heard shampoo is kryptonite to our curls and we can’t possibly have juicy, bouncing and behaving curls if we wash it. The truth is, washing our hair and removing build-up is what our hair and scalp need to THRIVE. Removing oil dirt and dandruff from our scalps allows hair to grow in a healthy environment. Cleansing and lifting dirt and oil from our strands also allows water to get in (hello moisture) and is absolutely the first step to moisturized hair.
  2. Use Plant-based products: Simplify your hair routine by sticking to ingredients derived from plants that were created to nourish you. Too often we are tricked into buying products filled with “fillers,” ingredients at the top of the list that stretch the product and have plants mixed in the middle. We place high quality ingredients at the top of the list because we want to ensure  you’re getting a high concentration of the good stuff. Make the decision to switch from “fast food” to a substantial “meal” for your curls.
  3. Leave it alone, but care for it! Protective styling (braids, buns, extensions, wigs) keep our hair healthy, but how are we caring for our hair? Our scalp does not stop producing oil and dandruff, our strands still need moisture to thrive. When protective styling, create a regimen that includes regularly washing and moisturizing your hair with products. Removing your protective style should always reveal healthy hair you can be proud of. 

At The Joy of Curls we’re here to help you love your hair the way God made it. We chose each ingredient carefully and tested them on loved ones before introducing them to you, wanting to ensure we are giving you the very best. We know we are.  Allow our natural, plant-powered goodies reveal your best hair ever. 

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